Jimmy Kemmel’s Weird Dare To His Fans On The Father’s Day 2015

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What father doesn’t care for a decent breakfast and a shower??


Jimmy kemmel is now becoming the face of television industry. Well, the show is all about guest and Jimmy’s humorous questions, isn’t it? The show also follows latest trends and what can be better than the Father’s day if we are talking about the latest trends. It seems like the father’s day is getting special and special day by day. Officially, Father’s day falls on Sunday, the 21st, that is why Jimmy Kemmel’s next show will be with a twist, and always, it will be hilarious. On “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” this week, Jimmy put out a test to his viewers relating to this father’s day. Jimmy gives a task to his guests to serve their dad a decent breakfast on this Father’s Day. It sounds dazzling, doesn’t it? But but but, there is one catch. In light of the fact that it wouldn’t be fun if there wasn’t any catch. Well, the catch is that their father must be in the shower when they serve the breakfast to him. Well, this sounds a bit weird but more fun. And this would be very interesting to see if the viewers manage to do this because for some, this might be a spoil sport on the father’s day but it would be very hilarious when we will see it on social media in recent trends.


Jimmy, will be making a ton of foes who have the ability to kill the TV. Still, this ought to turn out to be really comical. Jimmy also revealed that he has done this with his father when he was young. The television star added that it was unplanned and that is why it was so much fun, and it also brought him closer to his dad in that time.

Well, we can hardly wait. Apologies, fathers.


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by Rohit Kumar

Posted on June 20th, 2015