Why do we celebrate ANZAC day every year? Monday, April 25, 2016 Anzac Day Public Holiday

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Anzac Day 2016 is the most solemn day to commemorate the sacrifices of Australian and New Zealand Army Corps Soldiers. In 1915, Australian and New Zealand soldiers fought and died at Gallipoli. So, this day holds great importance as the remembrance for Army soldiers who lost their lives for their country.

In Australia, there is an Anzac Day Public Holiday on 25th April every year, regardless of the day. On this day, no one does the work. The prime focus of everyone is to celebrate and remember the great sacrifices of Australian and New Zealand Army Soldiers.

So if you are also looking for an answer to your question: Is ANZAC day 2016 a public holiday? A quick answer is: yes, April 25 is ANZAC public holiday 2016.

so what is your plan for celebrating ANZAC public holiday 2016?

Is ANZACc day 2016 a public holiday

Is ANZACc day 2016 a public holiday

April 25 is ANZAC public holiday 2016

Happy Anzac Day, April 25, Australian national public holiday celebration for returned soldiers, written across Australian map shapes hanging from pegs on a line.

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